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Of Various Industries

We have a solution for any location that is accepting cash no matter how much or how little cash you take in.


Smart safes are suitable for the cafes and restaurants that are located in medical facilities such as hospitals. They are also an ideal way to handle money for Cannabis Distributors.

Fast Food Restaurants

With high employee turnover, there would be less people handling the currency, minimizing internal and external theft when using Smart safes.

Convenience Store/Gas Stations

Smart safes minimize accessible cash on hand in areas that are frequently robbed. They are designed to keep not only your employees safe but your business as well.


They can reduce the amount of time reconciling & auditing cash handling operations.

Utilities/Check Cashing

Smart safes enable businesses to receive and keep cash safe in utility companies and businesses that accept payments on their behalf in high volume.


Smart safes can be utilized in concert venues, stadiums, and amusement parks, where there is a high volume of people and foot traffic. These safes enable employees to give the customers their undivided attention, lessening the chances of mishandled money.